Science, education and better patient treatment are fundamental goals of FOR. The newly appointed Executive Director, Dr. Michael Hotze, brings exemplary expertise to the foundation. With a background in clinical research, he specializes in the crucial mission of communicating science in an accessible, digestible and educational way.

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Tell us about your background, and your new role at FOR.

Michael HotzeI did my PhD in Biochemistry, before entering the field of dentistry in 1999 at the research department of Colgate-Palmolive. I joined Straumann in 2004 as their Head of Clinical Research, and I managed their collaboration with an educational institution. Today, I am delighted to become Nobel Biocare’s first Director of Clinical Communications, which includes the executive director responsibilities at FOR. I am working closely with the FOR Board of Directors to drive a wealth of knowledge and education.

When did you first discover FOR?

I registered with FOR back in 2013. From the beginning, it was strongly endorsed by many opinion leaders, and I was captivated by the substantial amount of high-quality resources.

What are your future aims for FOR?

We already have a substantial volume of content and a fast-growing community of over 27,000 users, which provides a very strong starting point for three main plans. The first is to develop even more online offerings, such as our eBooks, ePapers, and treatment guidelines. Secondly, I want to build on face-to-face networking opportunities for our users, especially in regions around the world where dental implantology is still in early development. Thirdly, I want us to give support to and collaborate with the next generation of experts in order to reflect the significant changes we’re seeing in dentistry professional demographics.

What do you find most inspiring about FOR?

Having over 27,000 users makes FOR one of the biggest providers of educational content in dentistry. With our global reach, FOR is an important platform to publish and share experience within the scientific community, helping young and ambitious clinicians to grow and develop their careers. Many scientific associations hold classic conference and symposia events, which are highly valuable, but often difficult at a practical level for professionals to attend. Digital learning platforms will definitely play a stronger role for education in the future, making the digital pathways provided by FOR an invaluable way to disseminate knowledge and education.

What’s more, FOR’s activities also cover the humanitarian aspects of dentistry, promoting patient care in underserved populations, which makes it really unique. In that same vein, FOR has made all content accessible free of charge, in order to encourage engagement by providing resources and education for users across the globe.

What do you look forward to most in working with FOR?

When I started back in November, I found a highly motivated team and an inspiring environment. The ongoing projects were all well on track and I could concentrate on the next steps, new projects and strategic plans for the future of FOR.

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