Throughout our 60+ years of history, we have always stood for genuine innovation, based on science, that’s created to help improve the lives of patients around the world. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive training worldwide, and to work together with practices and labs to help maximize their patient offering. This was on full display at the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2019 in Madrid, Spain. We are delighted to announce that the event was a big success.

If you were not one of the 1,000+ participants, take a look at some of the highlights.


The event brought together dental professionals from all over the world to witness the launch of a new era in implant dentistry and for Nobel Biocare. An engaging and diverse range of workshops, lectures and exhibitions allowed for plenty of interactivity and learning about each step of the implant journey.

A particularly special highlight was the unveiling of the Nobel Biocare N1™ Implant System*, with outstanding feedback from those lucky enough to experience it hands-on.

Digital dentistry continues to be crucial to our goal of truly putting our customers and their patients in control of their treatment. A dental practice fully equipped with the DTX Studio™ ecosystem proved to be a hit at the Global Symposium. Participants marveled at the integrated digital platform’s efficient and intuitive workflow, and the combination of DTX Studio and the X-Guide navigation system was shown to be able to create a workflow through which same-day guided surgery can be achieved.

The Nobel Biocare Global Symposium could not have been achieved without the tireless work of the organizing Scientific Committee, led by the indefatigable Dr. Peter Wöhrle, though there are countless others who put many hours into making this event a success.

Many speakers also shared their experiences at #nbgs2019 on Instagram. Here are just a few.

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Conversation with the Wise…. Madrid.. NB Global Symposium.. Amazing Speakers, Lectures, Techniques, New Implants & Cases… But, for me, the most Amazing moments was in late evening inside an almost empty Hotel Lounge… While I was having tea & Jamon… Albrektsson & Jemt walked in at separate time & asked.. ‘May I join u?’… Since the passing of PI Branemark, these people are the vestiges of the original Osseointegration Concepts.. For the next hour & a half.. I listened to them.. No fancy techniques, No amazing cases, No Choreography, No Script… just Conversation with the Wise.. About 5 Minutes into the Conversation, I cannot help to pull my iPhone out to Record the moment… We talked about Implant, Perio & Pros.. How little human research there was when Osseointegrated implant first came out.. How resilient the Europeans and Americans are against it.. How people will stand up during presentation & yelled out loud ‘It Does NOT Work!!!’.. How it was even harder to convince the Europeans than the Americans.. And the Original Surgical Kit was more than $50,000 USD & people will Ask ‘ Will I ever recuperate this Investment?’.. And how European Perio is changing into more Implant Centric… And Over the years of Observation that ‘Females have tendency to be better Surgeons, Periodontist & Prosthodontists’.. But more importantly… How the Human Body is such an Amazing Healing machine.. How It can Tolerate Mediocre Dentistry most of the Time… How Jemt tell me he stopped doing Dentistry since last year.. Etc… I wish Time can Stand Still for a Moment.. Their Presence reduced my Ego to a Fragment of its Original Self.. The Reason of my current success is in Part Due to the Hard Work & Preservation of these people b4 me… I am & will be just part of the History.. No matter how great one is, the Sun will eventually set one day… We have the duty to Up Hold these Tradition.. To be Honest.. Sometimes a Conversation with the Wise is more Powerful than all the Latest & Greatest from Some Others .. 🙏🙏 #periodontia, #periodontalsurgery, #periodontology, ##prosthodontic, #prosthodontist, #implantsurgery, #implantologia, #implantdentistry, #estheticdentisy, #passion

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⁣ .⁣ It was an incredible 3 days at the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium and I am thankful for the experiences that dentistry brings. ⁣ .⁣ My lectures have always been about clinical dentistry and techniques but this time it was not. I was asked to speak about my journey in dentistry as told through social media. ⁣ .⁣ It’s funny because the most common question I was asked when people knew that was my lecture topic this week was “how many followers do you have?” My lecture was not about that. My friends @slainesmiles and @drscottmaclean shared their social media skills and knowledge differently and effectively on how it has impacted their practices. ⁣ .⁣ My lecture was about the community of like-minded individuals that are my followers. They don’t follow me because they want to see what kind of car I am driving, my house, what brand yoga pants I wear or what I purchase when I go shopping. They follow me for the belief systems and like-minded approach to dentistry. ⁣ .⁣ I would rather have a true community than a million spectators any day. Thanks for the follows!⁣ @nobelbiocare @stefanholstnb @irinmaier @dr.giacomofabbri .⁣ #community #likeminded #responsibleesthetics #estheticdentistry

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Finally June is over tough month ! Finished at the always exciting Nobel Biocare Global symposium in Madrid, new things, new ideas ! Had a great time, as always a fantastic set up, besides the fact that I was able to see many great friends from all over the places ! · · •••••••••••• 🔝effort ! • 🔜more to come ! • 🔛always on #EstheticDentistry #RestorativeDentistry #Bestofprosth #Implantology #perioplasticsurgery #softtissuemanagement #microsurgery #implantdentistry #periodontics #smartdentalconcepts #Periodontology #Periodontology_world #nobelbiocareimplants #nobelbiocare #smiledesign #nobelbiocarerussia #GATevolution #DrGamborena #gamborenaadvancedteaching

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This was a true global symposium worthy experience in Madrid, Spain with top scientific sessions and faculty @drfrancescomintrone @bernard.t @drjosephkan @dr.giacomofabbri @dr.istvanurban and many more and biology and clinical driven innovations bringing a complete new Nobel Biocare implant system – N1. This was as good as a symposium gets including an elegant evening in the royal Madrid bull fight arena. Bravo @nobelbiocare 👏 to all involved who made this happen. Another highlight was the inaugural #AdTP tennis tournament after the symposium on the Madrid Open clay courts. 8 competitive players who battled it out in heatwave conditions and prevailed. Congrats to the finalist Vittorio Gianserra from Italy and Miren Zaverski from Croatia. #nobelbiocare #nbgs2019 #nobelbiocareN1 #implantdentistry #estheticdentistry #tennis #tennistournament #AdTPtennis #directshapeplace

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* Nobel Biocare N1™ is under regulatory review and is currently not available.

Posted by Chris Kendall