Hygiene must never be compromised. Small practices and large health care facilities alike are on a mission to meet the strict standards required, and efficiency is an important consideration in achieving this. To serve this need, Nobel Biocare has developed a surgical kit that can help save time from surgery to sterilization. Designed for automated cleaning and intuitively organized to follow the workflow, PureSet has been created to combine ease, speed and efficiency.

PureSet Tray

The high-grade stainless steel* PureSet Trays, with secure retention of components, are specially designed to enable automated cleaning.

Supporting a dedication to hygiene

The main asset of the new surgical kit is the PureSet Tray, available for Nobel Biocare’s conical connection implant systems and the Trefoil system. Made from high-grade stainless steel*, the tray is designed to enable automated cleaning with few manual steps and for re-use in the clinical environment.

PureSet Tray for NobelActive and NobelParallel CC

NobelActive and NobelParallel CC implant systems can be stored in just one single tray.

Efficiency and ease, step by step, have been key drivers behind the design of the PureSet Trays. At the pre-cleaning stage, manual cleaning is only needed for dismountable parts of the kit, which are suitable for ultra-sonic cleaning (excluding PureSet Plate). Time can also be saved in the cleaning and disinfection processes, as the tray and instruments can remain together, and with no need for manual drying.  At sterilization, the PureSet Tray is compatible with standard sterilization containers for safe and reliable storage.

At each stage in the workflow, from surgery through to sterilization, the instruments can stay securely contained in the tray thanks to their retention by special metal springs.

PureSet Tray for NobelReplace CC

PureSet Tray layouts are specially designed to reflect the surgical workflow and make components easy to identify, as shown here in the NobelReplace CC PureSet Tray.

Organized to save you time

PureSet Tray metal spring

Surgical instruments are contained and secured using special metal springs.

It is just the ease and efficiency of the cleaning workflow that can save time through PureSet. To help meet practitioners’ needs for simplicity during surgery, the straightforward and intuitive layouts of PureSet Trays have been specially designed to reflect surgical workflows and make the components easy to identify. Furthermore, to avoid the potential risks of distraction and inconvenience caused by light reflection on a metallic surface, the PureSet Plate is purposefully colored black in order to absorb the bright light of the surgery.

Both the Trefoil and NobelReplace CC implant systems each have a PureSet Tray dedicated to reflecting their surgical workflow. For even greater efficiency, two of Nobel Biocare’s leading implant systems – NobelActive and NobelParallel CC – can both be stored in just one single tray, requiring fewer instruments, thanks to their similar drilling protocols.

In essence, PureSet Trays offer ease, efficiency and hygiene – all-in-one.

*PureSet Trays are made of stainless steel except for the PureSet Plates and grommets.

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Posted by Chris Kendall