As a young woman, Silviana Ribeiro faced the all-too-common consequences of a failing dentition in her upper jaw. She received a removable maxillary acrylic denture, which did not meet her esthetic or chewing needs, due to lack of retention and stability. At the age of 37, she received a fixed prosthesis supported by 4 implants (in accordance with the All-on-4® treatment concept) in the upper jaw using NobelSpeedy Groovy implants. On the same day, an all-acrylic fixed provisional prosthesis was adapted, re-establishing the occlusal vertical dimension, esthetics and function.

Silviana Ribeiro

Smiling once more, Silviana Ribeiro says, “I didn’t just gain a winning smile and the ability to eat unabashedly again, I won back my self-confidence.” 

My teeth began to give me problems during my first pregnancy. At that point, they started to grow very weak and began to fracture. One after the other, they had to be extracted, and before my recent rehabilitation, I only had three teeth remaining in the upper jaw.

I had been using a removable denture since the age of 20, but it bothered me a lot, and I found it difficult to cope with its drawbacks.

It was difficult for me to eat, and I found no pleasure around the dining table anymore. In fact, I actually stopped eating many foods, such as bread and apples, for example. Because I could not chew properly, my overall health was adversely affected, of course. What’s more, eating difficulties were only part of the problem. I stopped smiling. I felt ashamed of myself.

Wide-ranging impact

In my day-to-day life, I became a more closed person. I was embarrassed by my dentures and simply did not smile—not even on my wedding day!

I was afraid that someone would notice that I was wearing a prosthesis. When I didn’t wear my dentures for one reason or another, I shut myself in. Although I never hid my predicament from my husband or my son, nobody knew my secret outside a small circle of family and friends. In short, the dentures were discomfiting and diminished both my physical and psychological well-being.

Seen and heard on TV

I first learned that there was a very promising potential solution to my situation when I saw Dr. Paulo Malo being interviewed on a television program that I was watching here in Portugal. I was reluctant at first to seek care, but my son signed me up without telling me. He is very young—but apparently not too young to worry about me. He understood that I was suffering and wanted to help me.

At MALO CLINIC, I saw cases rehabilitated via the All-on-4® treatment concept and it seemed like a dream to me. People were completely transformed. They looked so beautiful. Only those who have the kind of problems I’ve faced can understand that removable dentures are simply not a viable solution.

To say the least, I was motivated at this stage to solve my problem permanently. They scheduled me for treatment and soon it was underway. After the surgery I was able to leave the clinic with new teeth in place.*

Silviana Ribeiro What a change it made! A loose denture user no more, I was regaining well-anchored teeth, which was very important. My quality-of-life suddenly improved tremendously. This treatment is not just about having beautiful teeth, however. It’s about being able to lead a normal life. When I looked in the mirror for the first time, I felt happy, truly happy. I still feel that way today.


“It changed my life!”

For me the results were transformational. My outlook on life—if not my personality itself—changed dramatically once I could smile uninhibitedly again.

Where I was once hesitant and socially insecure, I now greet the people around me with a sincere smile and an upbeat attitude.

These days, people tell me I’m very pretty, something I hadn’t heard very often when I was wearing dentures. I didn’t just gain a winning smile and the ability to eat unabashedly again, I won back my self-confidence.

Whenever I meet someone who is experiencing problems with a denture and is considering implant treatment, I tell them my story and recommend the treatment wholeheartedly. I never had any pain during my treatment and recovery was very fast. In short, I have only seen the advantages. This treatment is one of the best things that ever happened to me. It has given me both a reason and the means to smile broadly once again.

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*Loading with a fixed provisional restoration on the day of surgery is possible provided patient criteria are met and adequate implant stability is achieved. 

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