Nearly 1,000 dental professionals came together for this year’s Nobel Biocare North America Symposium, combined with the second International Zygoma Summit, to get hands on with the future of patient care and learn from leading experts in implantology.

Shaping the future of patient care – this was the core theme driving the 2017 event. With an outstanding faculty of speakers from across dentistry giving insight into addressing patients’ needs and demands, the symposium combined hands-on surgical and restorative training, fascinating scientific presentations and interactive digital features.

Digital dentistry – from vision to reality

Digital technology is – and for the foreseeable future will be – a hot topic in dentistry, and was featured throughout the event including at the dedicated Dental Technology Forum. Delegates got hands-on at the interactive digital practice, seeing how Nobel Biocare is taking the lead in end-to-end digital workflows, with the aim of optimizing treatment outcomes and shortening time-to-teeth. It was an opportunity not just to experience the technology of today and see presentations of clinical cases, but also included debate on the future potential of this fast-growing field of development, as well as the shortcomings that still need to be solved.

Innovation in focus: evolution and revolution

Some of Nobel Biocare’s latest innovations were presented at the event, including the Multi-unit Abutment PlusTemporary Snap AbutmentDTX Studio design software and the Trefoil system. The flagship All-on-4® treatment concept continues to develop, and Prof. Paolo Maló discussed its most recent advancements to improve technique and overcome extremely complex cases. And, in advance of its imminent launch, Dr. Kenji Higuchi presented the Trefoil system: a revolutionary full-arch solution for edentulism in the mandible using a premanufactured bar and just three implants.

An integral part of advanced surgery: insights at the 2nd Annual Zygoma Summit

Over 200 clinicians attended the 2nd Annual Zygoma Summit to explore what’s new in zygomatic implants, including state-of-the-art surgical and restorative considerations, treatment-planning quad zygoma cases, and how surgeons should manage complications. The zygomatic implant is becoming an integral part of advanced surgical algorithms and a surgical protocol that surgeons can seriously consider adopting.

Up and coming opportunities to learn

The North America Symposium was just one event in Nobel Biocare’s leading program of global learning opportunities. The next Nobel Biocare symposium is in London, UK on November 10–11. Furthermore, a diverse program of specialized training courses from foundational to advanced level are on offer around the world.

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Posted by Chris Kendall