Bringing a smile back to life: As dental professionals, this a goal that we share. With the remarkable advancements in dental implant treatment, patient expectations go far beyond functionality. Esthetic beauty is also a deciding factor in whether patients consider their treatment a real success.

This requires skills and knowledge at every level, and at the upcoming Nobel Biocare Global Symposium in Madrid, June 27–29, a range of sessions offer you great learning opportunities. Here are just a few of the sessions in the main and special interests streams that can enhance your skill and knowledge in esthetics.

We can do it all: In focus – Nobel Biocare Esthetic Group

The Nobel Biocare Esthetic Group is an established global network that focuses on increasing knowledge, sharing competence and clinical skills. Learn how you can improve the results of your treatments by working as a team with united focus on the patient.

Chair, Nicole Winitsky, joined by Matilda Qvarnstrom, Julie Schlosser, and Åsa Sjöholm


Mastering a smile: Advanced treatment solutions and materials

Witness live how to plan, communicate and execute dental and implant esthetic treatments to meet the demands of your patients. This session focuses on digital vs conventional planning, the differences between implant and natural-tooth esthetics, and how material choice and lab technician skills determine the end result.

Chair, David Dunn, joined by Markus Blatz, Michael Gahlert, Iñaki Gamborena, Nasser Shademan, Bernard Touati


Masters at work: Esthetic outcomes using bone and soft-tissue reconstructions to exceed patient expectations

Experience what is possible today in hard- and soft-tissue augmentation. With an ever-increasing armamentarium of techniques and regenerative materials, keeping up can be difficult at times. In this highly interactive session, you will experience how different surgical approaches have evolved over time and where the limits are.

Chair, Sascha Jovanovic joined by Oded Bahat, Giacomo Fabbri, Francesco Mintrone and Istvan Urban


Interested in ceramic implants? How can the advances in ceramic implants benefit your patients and practice?

Ceramic implants have come of age. They are a reliable treatment option for the growing number of patients requesting metal-free solutions. Learn about NobelPearl™, the metal-free, two-piece implant solution with full restorative flexibility and how this technology can be integrated into your daily routine.

Chair, Markus Blatz, joined by Michael Gahlert and Jens Tartsch


Patient benefits of immediate solutions: Achieving long-lasting esthetic outcomes

Patients are getting more impatient – they want their teeth now. Nobel Biocare pioneered Immediate Function and has continuously developed it to shorten treatment times. Get insights into decision making, product selection, workflow optimization and digital technologies, such as DTX Studio, to achieve optimal clinical results. Learn from the best how Nobel Biocare products and solutions have changed their practices and careers and how they can change yours too.


Chair, Joseph Kan, joined by Óscar González-Martín, Edith Groenendijk, Jose Navarro, Tristan Staas and Gabor Tepper

These sessions can be attended by all guests. There is also a program of hands-on and workshop activities you can enroll for once you’ve registered.


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Posted by Chris Kendall