Patients want to be treated in an efficient and expedient manner. They want safe, time efficient and effective treatment, and with as little pain and discomfort as possible. Immediate implant placement and Immediate Function are predictable and scientifically well-documented treatment solutions for meeting patients’ expectations. However, the skillset, knowledge and experience of the clinician is crucial in achieving the most beneficial outcome.

Treatment strategies to shorten time-to-teeth are covered in a wide range of sessions at the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2019, Madrid, June 27–29.  Here are a some of the learning opportunities available, including hands-on sessions, and the revolutionary new Nobel Biocare N1™ system.

Learning shorter time-to-teeth at #nbgs2019

Main stream/Special interests stream

Immediate Function and long-term benefits for edentulous patients: Choosing the ideal treatment solution

Friday 28 June, 14.10–16.00

Immediate Function and the All-on-4® treatment concept have changed the lives of millions of patients worldwide for decades. As the number of edentulous patients is continuously growing and demands are changing, you need to be prepared. You will receive practical guidance, based on live demonstrations, as to which treatments to choose for which clinical situation. Learn how NobelPro Line™ can help you to advance from straightforward cases to mastering even the most challenging situations.

Chair: Paulo Malo

Enrico Agliardi, Rubén Davó, Andrew Dawood, Ana Ferro, Glen Liddelow


Patient benefits of immediate solutions: Achieving long-lasting esthetic outcomes

Friday 28 June, 16.30–18.00

Patients are getting more impatient – they want their teeth now. Nobel Biocare pioneered Immediate Function and has continuously developed it to shorten treatment times. Get insights into decision making, product selection, workflow optimization and digital technologies, such as DTX Studio, to achieve optimal clinical results. Learn from the best how Nobel Biocare products and solutions have changed their practices and careers and how they can change yours too.

Chair: Joseph Kan

Óscar González-Martín, Edith Groenendijk, Jose Navarro, Tristan Staas, Gabor Tepper


Revolutionizing implant dentistry: Innovations to change the way you treat patients

Friday 28 June, 8.30–10.30

A few major innovations have defined the industry over the last decades. From osseointegration, CAD/CAM prosthetics and Immediate Function, to All-on-4® treatment concept and guided surgery – all of these have benefited the patient and clinician. Now the next major breakthrough is here. The new Nobel Biocare N1™ system reduces complexity, shortens treatment times and removes guess work.

Chair: Gabor Tepper

Oded Bahat, John Brunski, Annette Felderhoff-Fischer, Jill Helms, Sascha Jovanovic, Francesco Mintrone, Paul Weigl, Holger Zipprich



Hands-on session: Current clinical and technical protocols for immediate implant placement in extraction sockets

Thursday 27 June, 8.00–11.45

To create a harmonious ‘esthetic’ outcome around dental implants that mimics the surrounding dentition and soft-tissue condition, as well as morphology, is indeed difficult to create and maintain long term. In this hands-on session, a comprehensive approach to optimize functional and esthetic results with immediate implant placement and immediate restoration by blending surgical, technical, and restorative steps into one successful protocol will be presented thoroughly.

Iñaki Gamborena



Workshop: Immediate implant placement: Two philosophies with the same end in mind

Thursday 27 June, 8.00–11.45

Long-term clinical success with immediate implant placement and loading protocols are now established and accepted treatment modalities. In this workshop session you will experience diverse and partially opposing clinical approaches by two experts representing different schools of thought – aiming for the same outcome. Indications such as single-tooth esthetic zone, sinus lift or graftless or large complex cases are to be presented and interactively discussed with the audience.

Giorgio Tabanella, Gabor Tepper



Hands-on: Digital workflow for immediate tooth replacement

Thursday 27 June, 13.00–17.15

Digital planning and treatment to provide an immediate prosthetic solution for single and multiple unit implant placement using the latest digital tools available with static guided surgery approach or with dynamic navigation system especially in challenging situations with proven protocols to obtain optimal results also in the esthetic area.

Alessandro Pozzi



Hands-on: All-on-4® step by step restorations: From planning to functional and esthetic immediate provisionals

Thursday 27 June, 13.00–1715

The All-on-4® treatment concept can provide a fast and reliable delivery of an immediate provisional prosthesis with high esthetics and function. Throughout the session, participants will have the opportunity to review the process behind the pre-surgical planning that can grant an immediate esthetic and functional result. Furthermore, the entire protocol of provisional delivery, developed with years of experience, will be shown and each participant will have the possibility to work on a real model and prosthesis to put into practice what they have just learned.

Enrico Agliardi



Workshop: Indication-based edentulous treatment solutions

Saturday 29 June, 8.30–12.45

Edentulous patients is a growing problem that general practitioners have to face in everyday practice. Thanks to the use of different surgical protocols, it is possible to treat every patient with immediate loading, avoiding long and demanding grafting techniques. Throughout the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn how to treat compromised patients in different clinical situations and how to manage possible complications thanks to the use of tilted implants and providing an immediate esthetic and functional solution.

Enrico Agliardi




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Posted by Chris Kendall