Testimonial Dr. Alain Pêcheur: Patient treatment box

Nobel Biocare launched the patient treatment box in late 2014. What do the early users think of it? Dr. A. Pêcheur has agreed to answer some questions.

What makes you want to use the box?

The box takes the treatment seriously. Patients are aware of my commitment because I choose to use original Nobel Biocare products for their treatment. The group monitors its implants and prosthetic components, to ensure the sustainability of my patients’ treatment. 

What are the advantages of this box for patients?

It ensures product traceability. The patients have all the relevant information and details required for monitoring their treatment. They have the assurance that whatever happens to their implant, there will be continuity and support, especially if the patient moves abroad or when I retire. 

What do patients keep in their personal treatment box?

The box can contain all the components, models and information for planning their treatment and the references of the components used. What interests me is that patients don’t leave empty handed! They have the impression of taking the "packaging" of their implant treatment. 

Do you have any advice to give your colleagues about the use of the box?

I would tell them to plan a little time for explaining. One has to be very clear: guarantee and assurance are two separate things. Obviously, this also means that the risk of complications should never be ruled out. Sometimes you must reassure patients about the strength of the material, indicating that all Nobel Biocare products are scientifically tried and tested. 

In practice, how does it work?

I order my French version boxes directly from Nobel Biocare, and they’re sent to me free of charge within two weeks. I give each patient a box at the end of their treatment. 

Interested in using the patient treatment box yourself? You can order them by contacting your representative or our Marketing Service at 02/467 41 90. Available in French, English, Dutch and German.