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NobelProcera vouchers

NobelProcera vouchers are a new way of purchasing prosthetics from your lab and guarantee that you receive authentic prosthetics.

How to use NobelProcera vouchers

  1. Buy the vouchers from your Nobel Biocare sales representative or from customer services, just like any other product.
  2. When you place an order with a dental lab, specify the prescribed prosthetic, and include the voucher with your request.
  3. The lab will deliver your restoration as normal and deduct the voucher value from your bill.

Fill in the form and a sales representative will contact you with an offer for the vouchers.

When using NobelProcera prosthetic components, you benefit from the peace of mind of a lifetime warranty for your implants. NobelProcera restorations are covered with a comprehensive five-year warranty. Learn more about our warranty program

The voucher value covers the cost of the NobelProcera product, but not other charges from the lab. 
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