NobelClinician 3.2

From scan to plan at the first visit

Present your patients with a treatment plan at the very first appointment with NobelClinician’s intraoral scan workflow and receive an individualized provisional for the day of surgery.

SmartFusion technology in the NobelClinician software allows you to combine (CB)CT data with color-rich surface scan data from an intraoral scanner. SmartSetup analyzes the patient’s dentition information and recommends a tooth design, giving you the full clinical picture in just one visit. As a result, you can preview the proposed treatment plan with the patient before they leave your office, which contributes to increased patient case acceptance.

The latest update also allows you to collaborate and share data instantly with a dental lab using DTX StudioTM design software and get an individualized provisional ready for the day of surgery

Choose the workflow that's right for you

NobelClinician 3.2


Which workflow you go for depends entirely on your preferences and your patient’s needs. Choose to combine (CB)CT data with intraoral scan information or fuse it with a model scan from the desktop scanner. The choice is yours. 

NobelClinician accepts input from intraoral scanners that produce PLY and STL files. So there’s no need to invest in new equipment if you are satisfied with your IOS system.

Additional benefits


As part of the 3.2 update you can now:
  • Order dental scans with a new wizard.
Additionally you can:
  • Upload diagnostic setups to make a prosthetic driven treatment plan.
  • Import the antagonist to consider it in your treatment plan.
  • Create a surgical template based on the patient's intraoral situation.