Multiple-unit restorations

Bridge on natural teeth

Bridge on implants, cement-retained

Bridge on implants, screw-retained

Nobel Biocare offers safe, reliable and scientifically proven solutions for all clinical and budgetary needs.

Nobel Biocare’s multiple-unit restorations comprise bridges that can be cemented on existing teeth or implant abutments. Additionally, Nobel Biocare offers implant bridge restorations that are screwed directly to implants.

Tooth-supported, cement-retained prosthetics

  • NobelProcera Temporary Full-contour Bridge

  • NobelProcera Bridge

Implant-supported, cement-retained prosthetics

  • NobelProcera Temporary Full-contour Bridge on NobelProcera Abutments

  • NobelProcera Bridge on NobelProcera Abutments

Implant-supported, screw-retained prosthetics

  • NobelProcera Implant Bridge


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