Fully utilize your prosthetic skills.


With NobelProcera you have the flexibility to realize every prosthetic possibility. Choose the material. Choose the solution. Choose the implant platform. And explore new opportunities.

All NobelProcera prosthetics are individually designed with the easy-to-use NobelProcera 3D design software and precision milled in one of our production facilities.

80x52 Crown-and-bridge

NobelProcera Crown and Bridge

NobelProcera offers a complete range of cement-retained crowns and bridges on natural teeth and abutments. Achieve high prosthetic flexibility – from coping and bridge frameworks to full-contour crowns and temporary full-contour bridges. Choose between all-ceramic and metal materials.

80x52 Abutment

NobelProcera Abutments for major implant systems

NobelProcera delivers a full range of precision-milled, safe and strong abutments. Grow your business using one system to offer abutments on major implant systems. Further diversify your offering with time-efficient screw-retained crowns for direct veneering. NobelProcera screw-retained solutions consistently offer long-term clinical success and patient satisfaction.

80x52 Fixed_Fixed-removable

NobelProcera fixed and fixed-removable solutions

Seek new opportunities and provide versatile fixed and fixed-removable solutions for edentulous patients – from cost-effective Dolder bars to high-end solutions like zirconia implant bridges. Choose between a wide variety of bars and attachments and receive ready-to-use products milled from one solid block.

NobelProcera Materials

NobelProcera Materials

All materials are biocompatible and thoroughly tested. NobelProcera’s advanced centralized manufacturing combined with high-quality materials delivers consistent precision of fit and material stability. Each product is delivered with a traceable authenticity label which makes it easy to complete your documentation and provide further assurance.


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