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Brånemark kits

The Brånemark System surgery kits contain all the components you need for your surgical and esthetic needs.

Nobel Biocare offers a variety of kits for the Brånemark System dental implants. Kits for conventional and guided surgery, as well as prosthetic kits, all comprise drills, drill guides and torque wrenches – all the instruments required for surgery and attaching prosthetics to implants.

Brånemark System kits are completely modular for total flexibility between procedures and solution choices. They are ideal for all autoclaves and come with a universal organizer suitable for every kit configuration. What’s more, the kits feature anti-slip material for stability, and have modules that slot in easily.

The Brånemark System kits comprise standard surgical, guided surgery and esthetic kits as well as optional kits for flapless and second-stage surgery.

Conventional surgery kit

For conventional surgeries, the Brånemark System comes with the Brånemark System Surgery Kit.


The Brånemark System is compatible with NobelGuide and offers a specific Brånemark System Guided Surgery Kit.

Optional kits

A range of optional kits is available for the Brånemark System, including the Nobel Biocare Flapless Surgery Kit and the Brånemark System Second Stage Surgery Kit.

Prosthetic kit

The Nobel Biocare Prosthetic Kit is suitable for use with the Brånemark System.

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