Patient education materials

Using simple, convincing language and images, these specially designed materials educate patients on the various dental restoration options available in modern dentistry. Patients will learn how you can treat a damaged or missing tooth, several missing teeth or situations when all teeth are missing.

Our wide range of patient education materials include leaflets, books, brochures, booklets and posters, are for patients to take home and share with family members and friends.

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Waiting room materials

Leaflet – Take back your smile

General information leaflet – Take back your smile

Take back your smile provides general information on what an implant is and why missing teeth should not be ignored.

Leaflet – Only one missing or damaged tooth?

Single tooth leaflet – Only one missing or damaged tooth?

Only one missing or damaged tooth? explains why even only one missing or damaged tooth should not be ignored. The replacement of a tooth with a crown, either placed on a natural tooth or implant, is explained.

Leaftlet – Missing several teeth?

Several missing teeth leaftlet – Missing several teeth?

Missing several teeth? explains why several missing teeth should not be ignored. Solutions of using a bridge fixed with or without implants are introduced.

Leaflet – Life with dentures?

All missing teeth leaflet – Life with dentures?

Life with Dentures? explains why old-fashioned and loose dentures are not the ideal solution. A range of implant-based, full-arch solutions are introduced.

All-on-4 insert

All-on-4 insert

A loose insert, the All-on-4 insert explains in simple language the All-on-4 procedure, including its advantages and who it is for.

Posters (Set of 3)

Posters (set of 3)

Three different posters are available to increase awareness and curiosity in a waiting room setting.

Education materials

All solutions brochure – Making you smile

All solutions brochure – Making you smile

A full solutions information brochure with detailed educational information for patients to take home.

Educational flip chart

Educational flip chart

A tool for patient consultations that can be used by both the dentist and auxiliary.
The flip chart is highly visual and simple to understand with additional information guides on the reverse pages. It also comes in a ring-binder format of robust material.

Solution from tooth to root

All-solutions poster

An educational patient poster for the dentist office to support patient consultations.

After treatment information

Patient card kit

Patient card kit with treatment record booklet - Our promise and seal of quality

The card is given to patients after treatments, as proof and guarantee of authenticity that only Nobel Biocare products were used for treatment. Each patient receives one patient card (1 patient = 1 card).

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