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Anterior restoration

Dr. Eric Rompen, Belgium

Indication: Male patient, 20 years old, congenitally missing two upper lateral incisors. Labial profile with concavities and lack of bone volume. Solution: Placement of two NobelActive NP 3.5 x 13 mm implants and, four months after surgery, two NobelProcera Crowns.

Anterior restoration with delayed implant placement

Dr. Stefan Scherg, Germany

Indication: Male patient, 52 years old, due to functional and esthetic problems, the rehabilitation of teeth 13-23 (FDI POS) was planned. Solution: Removal of old crowns and placement of NobelReplace Conical Connection implant. Buccal defect has been regenerated with GBR technique with non-resorbable membrane.

Complete solution for severely resorbed maxilla

Dr. Rubén Davó, Spain

Indication: 60-year-old female with severe bone resorption of the upper and lower jaw with complete dentures. Solution: Brånemark System Zygoma and NobelReplace Tapered implants were used to rehabilitate the maxilla. For the mandible, the All-on-4 concept using NobelReplace Tapered implants was used. As final prosthesis, precision-milled fixed NobelProcera Implant Bridges were provided for both the maxilla and the mandible.

Esthetic restoration of crowns with NobelProcera

Dr. Rodrígo Castillo, Spain

Indication: Female patient, 43 years old, unhappy with the esthetics of the crowns 12 and 13. Solution: Guided bone regeneration with NobelActive implant and cementation of Alumina NobelProcera crowns.

Fixed implant restoration of the edentulous maxilla

Dr. Edmond Bedrossian, USA

Indication: 73-year-old healthy female, unable to function with her existing maxillary distal extension partial dentures. Solution: Removal of the existing maxillary teeth, alveoloplasty to recontour the premaxilla palatally. Immediate placement of 2 NobelSpeedy Groovy implants in the anterior and 2 Brånemark System Zygoma implants in the posterior, followed by a provisional restoration with Immediate Function protocol. As a final restoration, a screw-retained NobelProcera Implant Bridge Titanium framework with acrylic teeth was provided.

Full arch maxilla case with guided surgery

Dr. Andrew Dawood, UK

Indication: Male patient, 65 years old, edentulous maxilla. Solution: Full-arch maxilla with prefabricated NobelProcera Implant Bridge

Full-arch restorations of maxilla and mandible using NobelProcera Implant Bars Overdenture

Dr. Stefan Holst, Germany

Indication: Male patient, 73 years old, failing mandibular restoration, extensive atrophy of the alveolar ridges. Solution: Four NobelReplace Straight implants placed in the interforaminal area of the mandible and six NobelReplace Straight implants in the maxilla, supporting two bar-retained fixed-removable restorations.

Immediately loaded full-arch rehabilitation using NobelClinician

Dr. Lesley A. David, Canada

Indication: 65-year-old male, edentulous in the upper jaw. The dentures were made six years ago. Solution: In the maxilla, five Brånemark System Mk III Groovy implants and one NobelSpeedy Shorty implant were placed posteriorly on the left side. As final restoration, a NobelProcera Implant Bridge Titanium with acrylic teeth was used

Mandibular rehabilitation with implant-supported overdenture on NobelReplace Tapered implants

Dr. Christopher B. Marchack, USA

Indication: Female patient, 92 years old, bad fitting prosthesis with decreased stability especially while eating. Solution: Extraction of the remaining teeth. In maxilla, a conventional denture was advised. In mandible, placement of two NobelReplace Tapered implants with Locator Abutments and a new implant-retained overdenture.

Posterior multiple-unit restoration with NobelReplace Platform Shift

Prof. Alessandro Pozzi, Italy

Indication: Female patient, 70 years old, insufficient bridge in 3rd quadrant, missing pre-molar and molar. Solution: Placement of three NobelReplace Platform Shift implants. NobelProcera Zirconia Implant Bridge on implant level and two NobelProcera Crowns on natural teeth.

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