5-Year Product Warranty

NobelProcera products come with an extensive five-year warranty.

NobelProcera Warranty

  • The NobelProcera Product Warranty covers all NobelProcera restorations (excluding temporary acrylic restorations) and guarantees product replacement at no additional cost. The warranty extends to restorations on non-Nobel Biocare implant systems: in case of implant failure, the customer will receive one new NobelReplace implant by Nobel Biocare and the corresponding new NobelProcera restoration.
    For further details on warranty please refer to the Nobel Biocare Warranty Program.

  • Guranteed quality

    Medical device standards, biocompatible materials and industrial fabrication processes guarantee high-quality products with excellent precision of fit and surface finish for long-term clinical performance and patient satisfaction.

  • Material purity

    NobelProcera provides certificates of material authenticity to both clinicians and dental laboratories on all products. These authenticity certificates emphasize Nobel Biocare’s and NobelProcera’s dedication to providing dental professionals with biocompatible materials and proven alloys that meet patient demands for esthetics and functionality.
    You can verify the authenticity of your products on the Nobel Biocare website using our authentication tool.

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