NobelProcera System

NobelProcera prosthetics are designed using cutting-edge scanning and software technologies, then manufactured according to the medical device standards at state-of-the-art production facilities which maximize quality, safety and precision of fit.

Build your business with the new NobelProcera 2G Scanner

Nobel Biocare has launched the new 2G Scanner and design software. Discover the new scanner with the above interactive animation.

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  • Ultimate in precision

    The NobelProcera Scanner features a unique technology known as “conoscopic holography.” This patented solution offers you the highest level of scanning precision – especially important for implant cases and advanced multiple-unit cases. Conoscopic holography even allows the precise capture of steep angles and deep cavities.

    Find out more about the precision of the NobelProcera Scanner

    Watch the video to experience the precise scan process.

  • Advanced automation

    The NobelProcera 2G System keeps time-consuming user interactions to a minimum. The Smart Motorized Holder and dynamic scan strategies continuously and automatically position each object on the model at the ideal height, tilt and rotation to obtain optimal scan data for consistent results.

    Watch the video to experience the advanced automation.

  • Ease of use in every detail

    Easy handling and simple workflows maximize convenience, flexibility and efficiency. The smart holder concept allows you to place the model on the holder quickly and securely. Magnets on the holder ensure the model holder can be positioned in the scanner with precision and ease.

    Watch the video to experience how easy it is to get your model ready for scanning.

  • Direct access to unrivaled products

    Using the NobelProcera 2G System, everything from a single coping to a full-arch implant case can be scanned and designed within your laboratory. For each product type there is a specific scan strategy, ensuring optimal data acquisition and therefore maximum precision of fit for your restoration.

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  • Integrated CAD/CAM system

    NobelProcera is an integrated system in which the scanning, design and manufacturing processes are seamlessly linked, supported by software designed specifically to optimize the scanner workflow. NobelProcera 2G Scanner users are also granted direct access to a  certified, global production network. As part of the NobelProcera System the 2G Scanner also comes with additional benefits:

  • Find out what your peers say
    "The difference between looking at the moon through your eyes and looking at the moon through the Hubble Telescope." Greg Sederlin, Cal Ceram Dental Lab Inc., CA

    “Less hands-on technician time so our technicians are more efficient and working with other things while the scanning is going on.” Chuck Genco, Van Hook Dental Studio, US

    "The scanner can work with an angulation that allows it to read every part of the model, even when you have a difficult scan situation" Davide Riva, CDT, Italy


  • How will the new NobelProcera 2G System build my business?
  • NobelProcera Production: A leading network in industrial production

    NobelProcera developed the first industrial production process for CAD/CAM prosthetics. Today, the system is a leading production network for implant restorations on Nobel Biocare and other major implant systems. Nobel Biocare supports crown and bridge frameworks as well as full-contour designs. All Nobel Biocare products meet the medical device standards.

  • Consistent precision of fit

    NobelProcera develops and ensures superior manufacturing processes and tooling which are optimized for each product. Our precise and reliable products are manufactured from high quality homogeneous raw materials. NobelProcera deploys stringent processes and standards. Employing highly skilled operators and in-process quality control 24-hours a day ensures a manufacturing process that consistently produces the highest quality. All of this ensures maximum product quality and fit.  

  • Cost and time efficiency

    NobelProcera manufacturing processes are streamlined for flexibility and efficiency with modern production facilities in Stockholm, Mahwah, Tokyo and Quebec. These sites are capable of running 24hours a day, 7days a week. All production facilities are designed and equipped to accommodate fluctuations in processing volumes. NobelProcera is organized for regional sourcing resulting in faster turnaround time and predictability.

  • Certified and traceable material purity

    NobelProcera manufacturing processes are ISO certified and each product is traceable through its co-packed authenticity label for your case documentation. This secures traceability over time for you and the patient and supports you with local regulatory compliance.

    Go to our authentication tool to verify your NobelProcera products for authenticity.

  • Guaranteed quality and extensive warranty

    Medical device standards, biocompatible materials and industrial manufacturing processes guarantee high-quality products. Excellent precision of fit and surface finish ensure long-term clinical performance and patient satisfaction. The NobelProcera Product Warranty covers all NobelProcera consumables (excluding temporary acrylic restorations) and guarantees product replacement at no additional cost. The warranty extends to restorations on non-Nobel Biocare implant systems. In case of an implant failure, the customer will receive one new NobelReplace implant by Nobel Biocare and the corresponding new NobelProcera restoration.

  • CAD/CAM flexibility: Open access to NobelProcera production

    NobelProcera state-of-the-art manufacturing sites are open to receive orders from the 3Shape CAD system.

    Find out more in the tab “3Shape open access”.

  • All-in-one solution

    The NobelProcera Software allows to virtually design your restoration with easy to use tools. High esthetic outcomes are achieved this way since the optimal veneering support and ideal adaption of the restoration to the clinical situation can be ensured. All restorations - abutments, implant bridges, implant bars, crowns and bridges - can be designed with one complete software system without any hidden costs. Nobel Biocare as well as other major implant platforms are supported.

  • Seamless connection to production

    The NobelProcera Software is directly integrated into the NobelProcera state-of-the-art manufacturing sites. Both, material and production constraints have been incorporated within the NobelProcera Software. This enables the user to visualize the product they will receive and at the same time guarantees that the product adheres to the minimal constraints necessary to ensure longevity.

    As an integrated system, the production site ensuring optimal product quality is already in place and does not need to be searched.

  • Intuitive software

    The software features simple workflows and easy to use tools which allow for maximum design flexibility. Engineered by industry leading technicians the software simplifies the prosthetic design by guiding users through each step of a predictable design workflow. This shortens the learning curve and increases productivity.

Designed with 3Shape, produced by NobelProcera

Use your 3Shape Dental System to access precision-engineered NobelProcera Abutments for Nobel Biocare and other major implant platforms as well as NobelProcera Zirconia Copings. Design your individualized abutment or coping with your 3Shape Dental Designer and send your order to NobelProcera Production at no additional cost.

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  • Don't compromise on product quality

    Receive ready-to-use restorations that don’t require manual adjustments. All NobelProcera products are meticulously developed, verified and validated to meet engineering requirements and user needs. Be confident you’re getting unrivaled quality thanks to precision engineering and high-end milling strategies individually tailored for each type of material and connection.

    Find out more about NobelProcera Abutments

    Find out more about NobelProcera Copings

  • Benefit from a certified state-of-the-art production network

    With NobelProcera you don’t need to worry about investments in production technology or keeping on top of updates - Nobel Biocare takes care of it for you with automated state-of-the art industrial production. NobelProcera production meets ISO standards and incorporates strict quality control checks – both during milling and once the product is finalized. The result is a consistently precise fit with exceptional product quality.

  • Guaranteed quality and extensive warranty

    Trace the origin of your product and document your case using the NobelProcera Authenticity Labels delivered with each restoration. Benefit from an extensive warranty covering both restorations and implants, including implants not from Nobel Biocare.

  • Create your own experience

    Design a test sample of a NobelProcera Abutment or Coping with your local sales representative and have it delivered to you.

    Create your own experience: request your sample now

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