NobelReplace Conical Connection - Proven stability, high esthetics

The implant system combining the proven tapered implant body with a tight sealed connection.


"By combining the clinically well-proven implant body of the NobelReplace system with a tight conical connection, the possibility for enhanced pink esthetics is integrated into the implant design. The conical connection is designed to preserve the marginal bone by minimizing micro-movements and possible micro-leakage. Additionally, the precisely fitting supra-structure makes the abutment connection a quick and predictable procedure. The goal is enhanced soft-tissue management as well as a healthy implant site to improve patient satisfaction with the final result"

Dr. Eirik Salvesen, Norway

  • High initial stability even in compromised bone situations
    The original tapered implant mimicking the shape of a natural tooth root is designed for high initial stability, ideal for Immediate Function in both extraction sockets and healed sites.
  • Straight forward surgical protocol
    Surgery kit with a step-by-step drilling protocol, and a consistent color-coding of all components simplifies site preparation and ensures predictable outcomes in all indications.
  • Strong sealed connection
    The internal conical connection with hexagonal interlocking offers a tight seal and high mechanical strength. It provides a choice of six different abutment positions providing high restorative flexibility.
  • Natural-looking esthetics
    The built-in platform shifting is designed to increase soft tissue volume for natural-looking esthetics.
  • Two collar options
    NobelReplace Conical Connection with TiUnite on collar or NobelReplace Conical Connection PMC with 0.75 mm machined collar for different clinical needs and treatment preferences.
  • Enhanced osseointegration
    NobelReplace Conical Connection feature Nobel Biocare’s unique oxidized TiUnite surface with patented grooves (Groovy), which increases implant stability through faster bone formation and ensures long-term success.

    Learn more about TiUnite

  • Lifetime warranty
    All Nobel Biocare implants and prefabricated non-provisional and non-temporary prosthetic components are covered by a lifetime product warranty.

    Detailed terms and conditions

  • Interview - advantages of conical connection
    Steve Hurson, Chief Scientist at Nobel Biocare highlights the advantages of the NobelReplace Conical Connection in an interview

    Read interview here

Case 1 - tb

Prof. Alessandro Pozzi, Italy – Anterior restoration with NobelReplace Conical Connection

Indication: Female patient, 50 years old, two insufficient root canal treatments and severely discolored teeth.

Solution: Placement of two NobelReplace Conical Connection implants at buccal crestal bone level with immediate loading.

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Case 2 - tb

Dr. Roberto Villa, Italy – Anterior restoration with NobelReplace Conical Connection

Indication : Female patient, 19 years old, loss of central incisor after trauma.

Solution : Placement of NobelReplace Conical Connection implant with immediate loading.

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Case 3 - tb

Dr. Andrew Dawood – Full arch maxilla case with guided surgery

Indication: Male patient, 65 years old, edentulous maxilla

Solution: Full arch maxilla with prefabricated NobelProcera Implant Bridge

View case

"NobelReplace Conical Connection merges the well-proven implant body of NobelReplace Tapered with a tight internal conical connection. It is a versatile, easy-to-use implant which performs well in soft and hard bone"

Dr. Alessandro Pozzi, Italy

  • Wide choice of prosthetic options
    NobelReplace Conical Connection supports the comprehensive range of NobelProcera CAD/CAM dental prosthetics as well as Nobel Biocare's full range of prefabricated abutments. Made from high quality biocompatible materials with excellent homogeneity, they meet all patients’ esthetic needs.
  • Prosthetic flexibility
    NobelReplace Conical Connection features a dual-function prosthetic connection with internal conical connection for abutment-supported restorations and implant shoulder for unique NobelProcera Implant Bridges in titanium and zirconia.
  • Strong internal conical connection
    • Strong sealed connection with hexagonal interlocking
    • Maximizes soft tissue volume with built-in platform shifting for natural-looking esthetics
    • Supports narrow emergence profiles, ideal for the anterior
    • Color-coded for accurate and fast identification
    • 6 positions
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