Nobel Biocare updates restorative assortment for conical connection implants

The latest updates to the restorative assortment of Nobel Biocare's NobelActive and NobelReplace Conical Connection implant systems are a direct result of clinical demand.

restorative assortment for conical implantsA new taller 7mm healing abutment and improved healing abutments and impression copings for bridge applications have been added to Nobel Biocare’s restorative assortment. These additions not only accommodate clinical requirements but also increase restorative flexibility.

New 7mm tall healing abutment for conical connection

The new 7mm tall Healing Abutment Conical Connection provides more restorative flexibility when addressing situations of deep crestal implant placement and thick soft tissue.

Modified healing abutment and open tray impression coping for bridge applications

Nobel Biocare's conical connection implants have a unique dual-function prosthetic connection enabling multiple-unit restorations directly on implant level. Several improvements have now been introduced to the specific components required for this application:

  • Healing Abutment Conical Connection Bridge is now designed with a more natural emergence profile which further optimizes soft tissue development and form.

  • New 3mm and 7mm heights for Healing Abutment Conical Connection Bridge have been added to the existing 5mm version providing even more flexibility when addressing situations of varying crestal implant placement and soft tissue thickness.

  • Impression Coping Open Tray Conical Connection Bridge has been modified to address the new design and the additional 7mm length of the healing abutments.

All prosthetic components with internal conical connection are compatible with NobelActive and NobelReplace Conical Connection implants. Learn more.

These new products may not be regulatory cleared/released for sale in all markets. Please contact your local Nobel Biocare sales office for current product assortment and availability.

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