NobelReplace & Replace Select Tapered - One implant system for all your needs

The well-established and easy-to-use implant system with four options for high treatment flexibility.


"After more than 25 years of experience with dental implant treatments, NobelReplace Tapered is still my preferred implant system. I especially like the high restorative flexibility for serving all my patients' needs. The consistent performance and clinical outcome makes it an implant I trust for any clinical indication."

Dr. Baldwin W. Marchack, USA

  • High initial stability even in compromised bone situations

    The original tapered implant mimicking the shape of a natural tooth root is designed for high initial stability and is ideal for Immediate Function in both extraction sockets and healed sites.

  • Straight forward surgical protocol

    One surgery kit for all tapered implants, a step-by-step drilling protocol, and a consistent color-coding of all components simplify site preparation and ensure predictable outcomes in all indications.

  • Highly tactile feel

    Easy-to-use connection with three interlocking channels for secure and accurate abutment .

  • Four options for high treatment flexibility

    Cover your clinical needs with only one system. Whatever your patient requirements and personal preference, the four implant options ensure total treatment flexibility.

    Replace Select Tapered

    Replace Select Tapered – with 1.5 mm machined collar

    Replace Select Tapered PMC – with 0.75 mm machined collar

    NobelReplace Tapered

    NobelReplace Tapered – with TiUnite on collar

    NobelReplace Platform Shift – with platform shifting

  • Enhanced osseointegration

    NobelReplace and Replace Select feature Nobel Biocare’s unique oxidized TiUnite surface with patented grooves (Groovy), which increases implant stability through faster bone formation and ensures long-term success.

  • Lifetime warranty

    All Nobel Biocare implants and prefabricated non-provisional and non-temporary prosthetic components are covered by a lifetime product warranty.

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Case 3 Pozzi

Prof. Alessandro Pozzi, Italy – Posterior multiple-unit restoration with NobelReplace Platform Shift

Indication: Female patient, 70 years old, insufficient bridge in 3rd quadrant, missing pre-molar and molar.

Solution: Placement of three NobelReplace Platform Shift implants. NobelProcera Zirconia Implant Bridge on implant level and two NobelProcera Crowns on natural teeth.

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Case 5 Marchak

Dr. Christopher B. Marchack, USA - Mandibular rehabilitation with implant-supported overdenture on NobelReplace Tapered implants

Indication: Female patient, 92 years old, bad fitting prosthesis with decreased stability especially while eating.

Solution: Extraction of the remaining teeth. In maxilla, a conventional denture was advised. In mandible, placement of two NobelReplace Tapered implants with Locator Abutments and a new implant-retained overdenture.

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Case 4 Marchak

Dr. Baldwin W. Marchack, USA – Posterior single-unit restoration with NobelReplace Tapered

Indication: Male patient, 60 years old, failed root canal filling and fractured mandibular molar.

Solution: Veneered NobelProcera Zirconia Crown cemented onto Snappy Abutment with resin-reinforced glass-ionomer cement.

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"I've placed over 5’000 Replace implants with a success rate of approximately 97 %. I especially like the tri-channel connection. To me, it makes the restoration process simple; you know the exact position because it can be used in one of the three positions."

Dr. Jack Hahn, USA

  • Wide choice of prosthetic options
    NobelReplace and Replace Select support the comprehensive range of dental prosthetics as well as Nobel Biocare's full range of . Made from high quality biocompatible materials with excellent homogeneity, they meet all patients' esthetic needs.
  • Easy-to-use prosthetic connection for efficient workflow

    The internal tri-channel connection offers an easy-to-use connection with an unrivaled tactile feel for accurate and predictable abutment placement.

    • Get access to the largest pool of trained restorative clinicians in implant dentistry with preference for the tri-channel connection

    • Color-coded for accurate and fast identification

    • 3 positions

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